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It started with kelly

A little more about Kelly

I started my professional life in the Royal Air Force, but after 15 years I wasn’t sure what I was going to do next. I had moved to Kingston Upon Thames to live with my then boyfriend (now husband), I had no plans and I didn’t know what my future would look like. There aren’t too any opportunities for parachute packing in civvie street!

So I applied for a job at Kingston Chiropractic and wellness centre as a Clinic assistant, and what I discovered changed my life, I discovered chiropractic.

As I sat behind the Reception desk booking appointments, I saw the transformations people experienced, I was amazed. They could do more activities with their children, they could go back to playing sports and hobbies they had been unable to do for years!

I had my own ailments, I have been a cluster headache sufferer since I was 16, and I had seen an intern at the McTimoney College of Chiropractic and I was reminded how much it had helped me, I had a flash of realization, I had to become a chiropractor and do what the chiropractor upstairs was doing.

I quickly enrolled on the degree course to become a chiropractor. This was undoubtedly the most exciting career decision I have ever made. I learned to help patients bodies work better and get their nervous system working at its best.

I am now the passionate and proud clinic director, co-owner (with my husband) and chiropractor of that very same clinic where I was a receptionist. To say its been an interesting journey is an understatement! I truly love what I do and nothing inspires me more than seeing the hard work and dedication my team and my patients achieve in the clinic that I inherited.

You can find out more about my Team below.

Our amazing Team


Clinic Assistant

Describe yourself in five words… Courageous, passionate, friendly, wise, resilient

What is the most inspiring part of your job? Being part of the team who improve lives, heals and relief pain. It's best job in the world. It means a lot to me make sure they have better quality of life due to my service.

What would your super power be? Invisibility and flight

If I wasn't so damm good at my job, I would be....selling Lego

What is the one piece of advice you would offer to a new patient that has come to the clinic? Taking care of your body so it can take care of you, it is the best investment you can possibly do for yourself and you are definitely in the right place for that.


Clinic Assistant

Describe yourself in five words…Funny, friendly, caring, candid, heart on sleeve

Share one fun fact about yourself… I’ve lived in 8 countries and 4 continents.

If I wasn't so damn good at my job, I would be....Horseback riding in Montana, USA

My dream dinner party guests would be.... Dolly Parton, Cleopatra, and Thor

What is the one piece of advice you would offer to a new patient that has come to the clinic? Your health is your most treasured asset.


Director of Clinic

Describe yourself in five words ...Ginger, exuberant, assertive, crochetastic, problemsolver

Share one fun fact about yourself...I once flew in a world war 2 bomber aircraft called the Lancaster during my career in the Royal Air Force (also my proudest moment!)

If I wasnt so damn good at my job I would be a journalist or author. People fascinate me, I love hearing their stories and what the are passionate about. I love the written word, and its great way to express yourself! I am also an avid reader, anything Sci-fi or fantasy!

What would my super hero power be? Definitely flying. I have had so many flying dreams I cannot count them!

What is the one piece of advice you would offer a new patient that has come to the clinic? Do what you chiropractor tells you! So many patients don't follow the most basic advice, you're not just paying me for my hands but also my training and experience, our advice can help you get better quicker, which will save you time money and energy! So do those stretches!

"Cannot recommend the centre enough"
"Ive had a chronically tight back for two decades, but I am making progress under Dr Kelly’s care. Her professionalism is 100% solid, and personality ...unique! It’s always busy, but you can genuinely tell that everybody feels welcomed, treated and better than when they walked in. Cannot recommend her, the centre and its staff, enough.​"

"I have started some treatment here and Dr Kelly and her team are phenomenal! I have been to different chiropractors before and I have never had this much care and attention put into me. Dr Kelly understands me and actually listens and does the examination with me in mind. She makes the whole experience very pleasant and I cannot stress just how welcome you feel when you step foot into the place.​"

"Relaxing and Reassuring"
"In the first two months being adjusted I noticed a significant improvement in aches as well as improvement in my posture. One of the big parts of my improvement was all the tips Kelly gave me for sleeping and sitting correctly. To a new patient I would say “go for it” its a little (lot) scary to start but has been so worth it, and Kelly is very good at relaxing and reassuring. I am so glad I have started this journey and I know it will improve my health for the rest of my life."

"Can't thank them enough"
"I came to Kingston Chiropractic as I was suffering with daily headaches and two-three migraines a week, this had been going on for a few years. Doctors only ever gave me medications to aid the pain but couldn’t tell me why I got them. Since coming to Dr Kelly my headaches are massively reduced after four weeks, to one a week, and no migraines in two weeks. I feel happier and I can enjoy life. I can’t thank Kingston Chiropractic enough. All so lovely, kind, and they truly get to know you, my days have changed dramatically for the better."

"Health & wellbeing drastically improved"
"I had persistent stiffness in my shoulders, which has been an issue for over 5 years. I have tried cupping, acupuncture and deep tissue massage, which managed my issues but didn't clear them. I feel fantastic now after 9 adjustments, my shoulder feels stabilized and my general health is great. I will definitely recommend Kelly and her practice. I feel a lot more rejuvenated and less fatigued and feel that my general health and wellbeing has improved drastically."

"Found somewhere I can trust"
"I suffered with a misaligned spine due to injury and my back had a constant dull ache for as long as I can remember and simply lived with it. After stopping both fitness and dance the pain got worse. I found the lovely Kelly and choose to stay in her care. Three months on and I am still here and my result are amazing! I am sleeping better, able to actually relax it’s out getting restless and my posture is already 50% better. I had chiropractic care in the past, but felt I was on a conveyor belt - in and out in 2 minutes. I don’t feel like that here. Dr Kelly is so knowledgeable, very happy I found somewhere I trust. Thank you xxx "

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